Honeywell WINN Available to Regional Airlines

 - May 6, 2008, 6:57 AM

The Honeywell weather information network (WINN), compared by some to a veritable Weather Channel for the cockpit, is now available to major and regional airlines following completion of a four-month trial in an Airbus A320. The result of a cooperative research agreement among NASA, Honeywell and a number of industry partners, WINN is a broadcast weather network that allows pilots and operations personnel on the ground to view full-color weather graphics and text to help them determine the best routes around adverse weather. Chris Dusard, Honeywell aviation information services director, said WINN enhances flight safety by providing near-real-time worldwide weather information to cockpits and airline operations centers. Weather information is collected and processed by the Honeywell data center in Phoenix and transmitted to pilots at specified intervals. Weather graphics and text are then displayed on handheld computers.