Pilot Shouted ‘Brakes, Brakes’ Before Fatal Overrun

 - May 6, 2008, 9:23 AM

One of the pilots keyed the microphone and shouted, “Brakes, brakes!” shortly before the Careflight Learjet 25 he was in went off the end of the runway and crashed, according to the NTSB’s preliminary report of the August 30 accident. The accident killed one passenger and seriously injured the pilots, a flight nurse and another passenger. The  jet touched down about 2,000 ft beyond the approach end of 7,000-ft Runway 04 at Blue Grass Airport in Lexington, Ky. Weather was dry VFR.

No skid marks were found on the runway; however, skid marks were found on the last part of the paved overrun. Inspection of the wreckage found a bald spot on one of the main landing gear tires. The reversers were out of the stowed position but were not deployed, the Safety Board said. The drag chute was also not deployed and the emergency brake handle was in the stowed position; however, the “emergency air” gauge indicated zero. Flap position could not be determined. A CVR review revealed no mechanical anomalies.