STC Awarded for Twin Commander Digital Autopilot

 - May 6, 2008, 7:12 AM

Autopilot maker Meggitt/S-TEC announced it has gained STC approval to install its new Magic 2100 digital flight-control system in Twin Commanders. The company’s first all-new autopilot since Meggitt acquired S-TEC two years ago, the Magic 2100 DFCS is a three-axis, fully digital attitude-based flight-control system. Targeted to operators of aging turboprops, the $65,900 package comes complete with the autopilot, four servos, solid-state air-data attitude heading reference system (ADAHRS) and all harnesses and switches. Company president Dain Miller said the addressable Twin Commander market includes more than 1,000 airplanes around the world, adding that ease of use is among the Magic 2100’s chief attributes. Hardware is available through the Twin Commander authorized service center network.