Collins’ Pro Line 21 scores a coup on CJ3, G150 programs

 - May 7, 2008, 5:05 AM

Rockwell Collins emerged a winner at the NBAA Convention in Orlando, Fla., last month with the announcement that the Cedar Rapids, Iowa company’s Pro Line 21 avionics system has been selected as standard for two airplanes launched during the show–the Cessna Citation CJ3 and the Gulfstream G150.

The flight-related information provided by the system–attitude, heading, altitude, airspeed, engine data, navigation maps, TCAS surveillance–will be displayed on the CJ3 flight deck’s 8- by 10-in. high-resolution LCD flight displays. Bezel-mounted menu selectors, said Collins, will simplify access to display formats adapted for each phase of flight.

The CJ3 will also be the launch aircraft for Collins’ new onboard file server unit. The FSU, the company said, integrates with Pro Line 21’s so-called partitioned processing capabilities. Ethernet interfaces and active-matrix LCD flight displays will also bring enhanced maps, optional electronic charts and graphic weather to the CJ3 flight deck.

Additional Collins features for the CJ3 Pro Line 21 package include FMS-3000 flight management system, AHS-3000 attitude heading reference system, WXR solid-state weather radar (with optional turbulence detection), ADS-3000 air-data system, and dual-channel automatic flight control system.

The CJ3 is the third of Cessna’s CJ series to carry Pro Line 21 as standard. Cessna has targeted the first CJ3 delivery for late 2004.

The Pro Line 21 package in the Gulfstream 150 will carry as standard four 10- by 12-in. LCD displays. Like the Pro Line 21 package on the CJ3, it will be integrated with the system’s partitioned processors. The G150 Pro Line 21 will include the Collins FMS-6000 flight management system. Pro Line 21 CNS (communication, navigation and surveillance) sensors will support transition from voice to data communication while enabling operators to meet new regulatory and operating requirements, said Collins.

Pro Line 21 Capabilities Enhanced

Senior director of marketing and strategic management Bryan Vester last month revealed advanced capability upgrades for the Pro Line 21 system. Among them was the new onboard file server, standard on the CJ3 but optional on the G150. It will also be offered as part of the Pro Line 21 Continuum package for aftermarket applications.

The system’s electronic charting function provides operators with approaches, procedures (SIDs and STARs), airport diagrams and Notams. Operators will have ready access to appropriate charts for the entered flight plan and aircraft position may be viewed on geo-referenced charts. Proprietary graphics and color pallets have been designed to make the display easier to read, especially at night.

The FSU features an Ethernet portal for faster and more convenient software/database uploads, including FMS databases and the traditional Arinc 429 interfaces. Future functionality, according to Collins, will include support for controller pilot datalink communication, 2-D vertical terrain profiles, 3-D terrain and live video.

Collins also announced that it has received TSO approval for its Pro Line 21 CNS advanced radio sensor package. The CNS provides operators of current aircraft, as well as new-production business and regional aircraft, the technology to meet new regulatory and operating requirements.

he new sensors are significantly smaller and lighter than existing sensors, opening up additional space for technology insertions. They may be installed either as stand-alone units or as an integrated package. Operational upgrades will be o