Execair enjoys above-par Ryder Cuo

 - May 7, 2008, 10:31 AM

Execair’s Birmingham FBO handled the lion’s share of corporate aircraft traffic flying in for the Ryder Cup golf tournament between September 27 and 29. The facility received around 80 flights over the weekend, with most of them being larger business jets. By comparison, Midwest Executive at the more distant Coventry Airport handled about a dozen aircraft, although in some cases these aircraft made multiple movements.

At the height of the biennial tournament between Europe and the U.S., visiting aircraft filled the general aviation apron and the shorter of the two runways at Birmingham International Airport. Execair brought in supplementary handling staff from its Dublin, East Midlands and Glasgow bases. Inauspiciously, the vanquished U.S. team arrived in a European-built Airbus A319, rather than an all-American Boeing.

During the following weekend much of the corporate traffic moved on to Execair’s Edinburgh FBO to attend the Dunhill Golf Tournament, which was played on three Scottish courses.