Global 5000 To Fly with Airshow 21

 - May 7, 2008, 4:56 AM

Bombardier and Rockwell Collins are developing a new integrated cabin for the Canadian manufacturer’s Global 5000. Leveraging technology acquired by Collins when it bought cabin product specialist Airshow over the summer, the new Airshow 21 cabin, said spokespeople for both companies, will include an Ethernet-based local area network (LAN), providing users with Internet connections and access to printers, fax and a file server. Wireless connections will permit passengers to move around the cabin and tap into the network with their laptop computers. When audio and video on-demand services become available, digital music and movie content tailored to the passengers’ preferences will also be provided. Collins’ new HST-900 high-speed data terminal allows access to the Internet using the Inmarsat Swift64 service at speeds roughly equivalent to a dial-up telephone modem connection.