Goodrich’s LandMark TAWS chosen for Cessna’s new CJ3

 - May 7, 2008, 5:06 AM

Goodrich announced during last month’s NBAA Convention the long-anticipated receipt of TSO and STC approvals for its LandMark terrain awareness and warning system (TAWS), which has been selected by Cessna as standard equipment on the new CJ3 and as special equipment options aboard the CJ1 and CJ2.

The LandMark class-B TAWS generates a continuous lookdown view of terrain with predictive warnings derived from GPS position, track and speed, altitude and aircraft configuration. Goodrich said the system can present terrain imagery “onto the widest array of displays” and will interface with the Cessna jets’ EFIS displays. The LandMark system was FAA certified in August. Type certification aboard the CJ series is expected soon.

LandMark terrain information can be displayed on a variety of radar and multifunction displays and, when coupled with the Goodrich RGC-350 radar graphics computer, on almost any weather radar indicator. The RGC-350 also provides an interface with Goodrich SkyWatch traffic data and Stormscope lightning displays, all of which can be presented in a combined format on a multifunction display.

Goodrich also announced that along with the LandMark system its SkyWatch HP collision avoidance system will be standard equipment on Cessna’s new CJ3, along with the GH-3000 standby instrument system and PS-855A emergency power supply. The PS-855A is a 24-volt DC power system with 2.5 amp hr output, powering the GH-3000 after primary power failure. It provides enough additional current for uninterrupted operation of other equipment on the emergency bus.

Goodrich is one of four defendants in a patent infringement lawsuit filed last spring by Honeywell alleging that the LandMark system illegally uses technology first applied in the Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System, Honeywell’s TAWS.