Jeppesen, Honeywell Team on E-charts

 - May 7, 2008, 4:57 AM

Jeppesen and Honeywell have announced an alliance whereby Jeppesen’s integrated navigation data service will be offered to buyers of Honeywell INAV (interactive navigation) avionics, under development for Gulfstream’s PlaneView and Dassault’s EASy cockpits. The combination, said the companies in a joint announcement at last month’s NBAA Convention, will offer customers electronic Jeppesen navigation charts, en route navigation data, geopolitical boundaries, airspace and communications data, as well as terrain and obstacle data. The electronic Jeppesen charts will be presented to pilots on INAV’s large-format (10- by 13-in.) active-matrix LCDs. Jeppesen data, said a spokesman for Honeywell, will be presented on the moving-map display. Pilots can also choose to depict navigation aids, airways, airspace boundaries, airports and runways. First-year subscriptions (said to cost $25,000) to worldwide charts and data will be included in the aircraft price.