Touching Bases: Wright Bros. Memorial Facility Breaks Ground

 - May 7, 2008, 6:06 AM

Pilots visiting the site of the Wright Brothers’ first flight at Kill Devil Hills, N.C., near Kitty Hawk will soon have more than a minimalist line shack in which to prepare for their outbound flight. In anticipation of the centennial of man’s first powered flight next year, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association is sponsoring the construction of a 900-sq-ft pilot’s facility at First Flight Airport adjacent to the Wright Brothers Memorial. Overnight stops are still not permitted, but now pilots will have an indoor comfort station and a pilot briefing room with telephones and computerized weather information. Construction is expected to be completed by the end of this year, though not all services may be available until early next year. The 100th anniversary of manned, powered flight is Dec. 17, 2003.