In The Works: Maverick Jets Maverick Leader

 - May 7, 2008, 11:50 AM

Jim McCotter, president and CEO of Maverick Jets of Melbourne, Fla. (formerly McCotter Aviation), said a production jet is still in the works, but that all information about it is proprietary. “We don’t need investors so we have no need to release pre-sales or marketing information,” he told AIN. Furthermore, the MC 2400 designation used previously has been dropped, he said.

After buying the majority shares of Maverick Air about a year and a half ago, McCotter said changes to the design have yielded “a new-generation Maverick jet,” with reduced drag and increased fuel capacity that give the turbine-powered kitplane a max cruise of 350 kt and max IFR range of 1,700 nm. Only one Maverick Leader, which McCotter prefers to call a “custom” airplane instead of a kitplane, is flying. It has accumulated about 300 hr. However, he said two more are in the advanced stages of assembly and he expects them to fly by the end of the year. He claims the company has sold 20 kits, including two to the country of Georgia, and that sales of 50 more kits are pending.

ough not a pilot, McCotter said he has previously owned piston twins to help support the numerous companies he has owned, mainly media conglomerates and ski resorts in the U.S. and a media group in New Zealand.