Avcon, Bizjet launch joint Learjet 20 RSVM upgrade

 - May 8, 2008, 9:59 AM

After discovering last September that both companies were planning to launch their own RVSM certification programs for the Learjet 20 series, Avcon and Bizjet International decided that “rather than fight each other for the same market, we preferred to come to an agreement and cut the research and development costs in half.” According to Larry Franke, president of Avcon, each company will bear half the cost of development and certification, with Avcon as the lead company in the development phase. Avcon, which will hold the STC, will build the kits at its Newton, Kan. facility. Bizjet International will be licensed to install them at its Tulsa, Okla. site. The two companies anticipate certification of the equipment early next month, followed by group approval in the spring. The target cost is less than $150,000. There may be an additional expense involved in “tweaking the autopilot” to ensure proper interface with the RVSM equipment.