Touching Bases: SouthAir lands customs deal in Keflavik

 - May 8, 2008, 6:39 AM

It just got a lot easier to clear customs in Keflavik, Iceland. SouthAir, the Exxon/Esso Avitat FBO, recently closed a deal to establish an on-site customs office there. Previously, passengers and crewmembers had to be shuttled to the airline terminal and back to clear customs.

According to Ty Thorsteinsson, operations officer for SouthAir, the FBO is also in the process of establishing an on-site duty-free shop. SouthAir offers a full complement of other FBO services, including 24-hr operations; avgas and jet-A; de-icing; hangar storage for transient aircraft; flight-planning services; business suites for meetings; hotel and rental car reservations; on-site charter service; and full ground-handling capability.