TSA's move to Homeland Security worrisome

 - May 8, 2008, 7:36 AM

Some operators are concerned about possible coordination problems that might arise between the FAA and Transportation Security Administration once the TSA moves from being part of the DOT, as is the FAA, to the new Homeland Security Department (HSD). Coordination over new security requirements may not have always been optimum, but, say some observers, at least the FAA and TSA were part of a relatively smaller department (11 agencies and about 148,000 employees) and answering to the same boss. As part of the new department, the TSA will become a smaller fish in a much bigger pond. The HSD will comprise 170,000 people from 22 agencies, including the Secret Service, Coast Guard, Border Patrol and the INS. The legislation does require the HSD to consult with the FAA before taking any action that might affect aviation safety or use of airspace. It a