Final Report Recaps

 - May 9, 2008, 7:24 AM

RAYTHEON KING AIR C90, SOMERSET, KY., JAN. 18, 2000–The NTSB cited the probable cause of this accident (“Accident Recaps,” August, page 84) as “the failure of the pilot to follow his approach clearance, and subsequent descent into unprotected airspace, which resulted in a collision with the guy wire. Factors were the failure of the air traffic controller to verify the approach he cleared the pilot to conduct was in service, and the clouds that restricted the visibility of the communications antenna.”

CESSNA 525, BRANSON, MO., DEC. 9, 1999–In the crash of the College of the Ozarks’ CitationJet, the NTSB determined probable cause to be that “the pilot descended below the minimum altitude for the segment of the GPS approach. Factors relating to the accident were low ceilings, rain and pilot fatigue.”