Honeywell Delivers Gulfstream V-SP Avionics

 - May 9, 2008, 5:34 AM

Honeywell has delivered an LCD-based Primus Epic avionics system to Gulfstream in Savannah, Ga., for flight trials of the GV-SP, a follow-on to the GV that replaces the jet’s current CRT-based Primus 2000 avionics system. The Primus Epic system for the GV-SP, called PlaneVeiw, includes four 14.1-in.-diagonal flat-panel displays and the I-NAV enhanced moving map that provides a 360-deg view of nearby terrain. Honeywell said the new avionics provide a 50-percent increase in display resolution over the Primus 2000 system, as well as space and weight savings.