Honeywell IHAS 8000 Named Standard in King Air C90B

 - May 9, 2008, 5:37 AM

Honeywell announced that its Bendix/King IHAS 8000 integrated hazard avoidance system will be included as standard equipment in Raytheon Beech King Air C90Bs beginning next year. The system will be optional in Beech Barons next year, and Honeywell’s KMH 880 multi-hazard awareness system with traffic and terrain protection will be optional in 2002 Bonanzas. The IHAS 8000 system incorporates Bendix/King’s Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System with one of three worldwide terrain databases. Pilots can view nearby terrain and obstacles on the IHAS 8000’s KMD 850 multifunction display (MFD). The system also includes Bendix/King’s traffic awareness system (TAS), which interrogates transponders of nearby aircraft and displays their relative position, altitude and track information on the MFD. Both give aural alerts of impending terrain or traffic conflicts.