Avionics Update: Cessna begins Citation X HUD evaluation

 - May 15, 2008, 9:14 AM

Flight Visions of Sugar Grove, Ill., has started building a mockup of a head-up display overhead projector for evaluations in a Cessna Citation X cockpit. Cessna asked the HUD maker to design the mockup to determine whether the projector fits well enough in the relatively small space available in the Citation X. Afterward, hardware evaluations of the UH-5000 HUD, a new product from Flight Visions and Universal Avionics, could begin, said a Cessna spokesman. The UH-5000, he said, isn’t the only HUD under consideration for the Citation X, but at this point it appears to hold the greatest promise. The UH-5000 is expected to sell for about $125,000 and is specifically designed to fit in the cockpits of smaller airplanes. Flight Visions is building the hardware and writing software for the UH-5000 and Universal is marketing the product. Both companies will oversee certification of the HUD in a Challenger 604 operated by Universal founder Hubert Naimer. As described, the UH-5000 will consist of a symbol generator installed in the avionics bay and an overhead projector that looks through a prism, in addition to the HUD combiner glass in front of the pilot. Unlike military HUDs built by Flight Visions that install in the glareshield and project their image upward onto the combiner glass, the UH-5000 uses a traditional projector. Its combiner unit stows against the ceiling. The HUD will have a field of view of 30 deg by 24 deg and will display all flight-critical information, including airspeed, altitude, HSI and ADI. Future versions of the UH-5000 may incorporate advanced symbology, such as unusual-attitude recovery cues and taxi guidance, Flight Visions said.