Avionics Update: Jeppesen to power Merlin satellite weather link

 - May 15, 2008, 9:15 AM

Jeppesen announced it has been selected to provide worldwide weather information and forecasts for use by subscribers of the Merlin airborne weather system in development by Dulles, Va.-based Satellink Technologies. Scheduled for availability this spring, Merlin will provide real-time weather to aircraft in flight, including high-resolution color weather charts and Notams supplied by Jeppesen. Content is distributed through the Merlin system in a continuous stream using satellites and terrestrial links, without input from the pilot. This, said Merlin’s creators, allows pilots to receive weather information as quickly as it is updated and does not add to their workload. Maps supplied through the Merlin subscriber service will include GOES infrared visible and composite satellite images, Nexrad two-kilometer base reflectivity, Nexrad echo tops, Sigmets, icing reports, turbulence reports, wind and temperature aloft forecasts, Metars, TAFs, Airmets and Pireps, along with broadcast airway, facility and national airspace Notams.