Hawker 700 engine upgrade program snags

 - May 15, 2008, 6:40 AM

“We’ve had some very positive response from the marketplace,” a Honeywell spokesman said, but the company and partner Garrett Aviation Services have failed to obtain the minimum number of orders needed to launch a Hawker 700 engine upgrade program. Last spring the companies announced a program to install a new high-pressure-ratio fan and a new TFE731-5 hot section, creating a TFE731-4. The conversion bumps takeoff thrust from 3,700 lb to 4,080 lb, providing a 1,000-ft reduction in takeoff field length, a 30-percent reduction in time to climb and a 10-kt increase in max cruise speed. The two companies had hoped to receive an STC in the second quarter, but that was contingent on receiving orders for at least 18 upgrades by the middle of last year (AIN, May 2001, page 3).Garrett officials say marketing efforts continue, while technical development of the mod is slowed.