Preliminary Report: No injury in CitationJet overrun

 - May 15, 2008, 10:08 AM

CESSNA 525A, NOVATO, CALIF., FEB. 7, 2002–According to preliminary NTSB reports, the 2001 CitationJet overran the runway at the Gnoss Field Airport (DVO). The pilot shot the GPS approach to Runway 13. ASOS reports at the time of the accident showed winds from 230 deg at 11 kt gusting to 17 kt.

Earlier in the day, the pilot obtained a full weather briefing from Flight Service. He got an update briefing before departure and told the investigator-in-charge (IIC) that “the weather was pretty miserable,” “hard IFR” for the entire route from Sacramento (Calif.) International Airport (SMF) to DVO. The pilot also told the IIC he should have started his descent earlier because he used up most of the runway while trying to land.

The FAA inspector said the crumpled jet “appeared to have landed with a tailwind and came to rest about 200 ft beyond the end of the runway in a ravine.” The sole occupant pilot was uninjured, but the aircraft was substantially damaged.