Rotorcraft Update: Rotorin' Romanian seeks helo to feed his need for speed

 - May 15, 2008, 9:49 AM

By now all the major arguments for helicopter use are well established, right? Time-saving hops over crowded urban areas. Pinpoint accurate placement of lifesavers for the rescue of victims who would be otherwise inaccessible. But using a helicopter to avoid speeding fines? That’s the reason Romanian mayor Toader Pasti gave to justify his plans soon to purchase a two-seat helicopter of as yet unannounced make and model. The hyperactive mayor of Tirgu Carbunesti, Romania, claims he recently spent an entire month’s salary paying the fines from the speeding tickets he piles up as part of his hyperkinetic day. “I am a very energetic person and always like to be punctual,” mayor Pasti was quoted in a local paper. Funds from an expected forthcoming inheritance will allow Pasti to buy the helicopter. No word yet on whether he intends to fly it himself.