In The Works: Grob-Werke G-140

 - May 15, 2008, 8:28 AM

Grob Aerospace of Tussenhausen-Mattsies, Germany, has jumped on the turboprop-single bandwagon with a four-seat, Rolls-Royce 250-B17F-powered version of its all-composite G-120 piston single. Displaying the prototype at the Paris Air Show last year, the company was expecting first flight in September last year and certification this September. Suggestions from potential customers, concentration on FAA certification of the G-120 and market changes since September 11, however, have caused Grob to rethink its plans. Following “minor modifications” to the G-140 prototype, first flight is now planned for midsummer and certification a year later.

Preliminary specifications include mtows of 3,630 lb (utility) and 3,300 lb (aerobatic); max useful loads of 550 lb (utility) and 400 lb (aerobatic); usable fuel, 150 gal; max cruise speed at 10,000 ft, 213 kt; max range speed at 10,000 ft, 170 kt; stall speeds of 57 kt (utility) and 55 kt (aerobatic); and max range at 10,000 ft with 30-min reserve 575 nm (full seats) to 1,150 nm (full fuel).

Grob is not yet taking orders for the G-140, which is expected to be priced at just under $1 million for the basic design and $1.1 to $1.2 million with air conditioning and de-icing.