Roll-away air conditioners provide spot cooling

 - May 16, 2008, 11:32 AM

Air-conditioner manufacturer Skil-aire of Baltimore has developed the Moving Cooler line of caster-mounted units designed to spot-cool areas such as remote boarding lounges and cabins of aircraft waiting on ramps or during interior maintenance. Skil-aire notes these are the first commercially available air conditioners to isolate the condenser and evaporative air streams for added cooling efficiency and less energy use.

The five units in the Moving Cooler line range from 12,900 Btu to 60,000 Btu, with retail prices ranging from $2,695 to $8,695. Weights range from 174 lb for the 12,900-Btu unit to 557 lb for the 60,000-Btu unit.

As an added incentive to buy a Moving Cooler, Skil-aire–a division of Tithe Corp.– contributes up to 10 percent of its annual profits to such charitable causes as the American Cancer Society, the Red Cross, the Peale Center, Covenant House, the Fresh Air Fund and Childreach, a program that sponsors needy children worldwide.