EMS Technologies is next in line for Swift64 hardware approval

 - May 19, 2008, 6:16 AM

At press time EMS Technologies’ satcom division in Ottawa, Ontario, was set to become the second approved hardware retailer for the Swift64 service. EMS’ ADT-1000 (aeronautical data terminal) is a dual-channel high-speed data unit capable of up to 128 kbps bidirectional throughput over the Swift64 network. Integrated with an Aero-H antenna, buyers will be able to connect to the Web via onboard modem or interfaces with LAN servers for surfing by multiple users.

MS Technologies, nee Cal Corp., has signed contracts for antennas and radomes with a number of industry players, including Honeywell, Gulfstream and Bombardier. Through its partnership with Honeywell, for which EMS Technologies supplies the
DBA-1150 mechanically steered dish antenna, passengers can receive more than 100 channels of television in flight over the U.S. To date, said the company, there are about 1,000 EMS products installed in more 50 aircraft types.