Frasca sim add-on helps in pilot hiring

 - May 19, 2008, 7:30 AM

Considering the cost of hiring, training, salary and benefits, it is important to hire the best pilot candidate. Airlines have had sophisticated, formal hiring processes for many years, but until now the process for business aviation has been largely intuitive. Urbana, Ill.-based Frasca International, Damo Research Associates and Aero Innovations have developed PASS (pilot assessment and selection system), which will enable the user to develop an efficient and effective pilot-selection process.

PASS includes a flight-skills performance-measurement package that resides on any Frasca simulator; a situational-awareness test; professional services to integrate the package into an existing selection system and maximize its performance; training for company personnel in system use and maintenance; and documentation for U.S. clients to minimize their legal exposure to employment-selection proceedings. Customers may upgrade their existing Frasca simulator or purchase a new Frasca device with the package.

Also included is a two-year service contract to ensure the system is identifying the best candidates. In addition to the basic package, optional modules are available including a PC-based training system that assesses a candidate’s technical knowledge, pilot-aptitude tests, expanded in-house training for company personnel and additional consulting services.