Antonov delivers first An-140 turboprop

 - May 21, 2008, 9:26 AM

Antonov handed over a second example of the An-140 turboprop to its daughter company, Antonov Airlines, early last month. Engineers removed test equipment and installed 48 seats for passenger charter use.

The third operable aircraft built by the Kharkov, Russia-based production factory soon will be handed over to Ukrainian IKAR Airlines, which intends to use it on scheduled passenger service linking the largest Ukrainian cities, Kiev with Kharkov. IKAR crews are undergoing training at Antonov in preparation for An-140 commercial operations later this summer.

Meanwhile, the first operable An-140 prototype with a larger wing and other design differences will continue flying with Antonov design house as an experimental aircraft. The company does not currently harbor any plans to modify the certified version of the An-140.