Online high-altitude course is FAA approved

 - May 22, 2008, 6:16 AM

With the completion of its first run on October 31, Pratt & Whitney Canada initiated testing of its 2,500-lb-thrust PW625F engine demonstrator. The company plans to develop a family of turbofans for light business jets. P&WC claims the PW625F will provide optimum performance and “significantly reduced ownership costs.” The engine is aimed at the market now dominated by the Williams FJ44 series. Raytheon is a partner with P&WC in the development of the engine. First flight of the PW625F is scheduled for early next year. Logical applications of the new engine could be in follow-ons to the Citation CJ2 (now powered by the 2,400-lb-thrust Williams FJ44-2C) and the Premier I (now powered by the 2,300-lb-thrust Williams FJ44-2A).