Cessna and Learjet race to meet Euro RVSM deadline

 - May 27, 2008, 10:30 AM

Cessna has completed RVSM Service Bulletins for the Citation V, S/II and II, and an SB was pending at press time for the Citation I. RVSM kits are expected to be priced at $89,000. In Europe, RVSM is scheduled to be implemented January 24, after which non-compliant aircraft will be excluded from European airspace between FL 290 and FL 410.  There are five factory-approved facilities in Europe. Cessna has its own service center at Paris Le Bourget Airport. Meanwhile, the FAA has approved the Learjet 35/36 series for RVSM, clearing the way for installations and STCs of required equipment needed to bring individual aircraft into compliance. The package, which costs $185,000 plus installation, includes IS&S altimeter/air-data computers and Rosemount pitot-static probes.