L-3 SmartDeck Gets TSO and STC OKs

 - May 28, 2008, 10:55 AM

L-3 Avionics received TSO and STC approval from the FAA for its SmartDeck integrated avionics system. The STC was awarded for the Cirrus Design SR22 G2, and L-3 Avionics will offer the STC through authorized dealers for retrofit. According to L-3, SmartDeck includes a display dedicated to flight plan management and communication information, as well as multifunction and primary flight displays. SmartDeck integrates several situational awareness technologies that provide detailed data on navigation, traffic avoidance, terrain avoidance, communication, flight controls, engine parameters and enhanced vision. The avionics system is scalable and designed for installation on new general aviation aircraft, turboprops and light jets. L-3 is progressing with Cirrus Design to customize SmartDeck for the development phase of the Cirrus Jet.