Ground handlers tighten security

 - May 29, 2008, 9:22 AM

Staff members at Jeppesen’s International Trip Planning Services centers in the U.S. and UK are adding security to the list of capabilities FBOs should demonstrate to be listed as a preferred ground handler.

Defined as FBOs that are capable of “repeatedly delivering world-class handling services,” preferred ground handlers are now judged not only on their ability to offer unparalleled service but also on security practices.

Handlers are being judged on how tightly facility access is controlled, whether areas are monitored or patrolled, how long video is stored if closed-circuit TV is used and how brightly areas are lighted.

Because such a large part of its trip-planning business now involves international flights, Jeppesen has gained ISO 9002 certification for its UK trip-planning office. In addition, Jeppesen staff members personally audit ground handlers to ensure they meet appropriate standards.

In addition to security, Jeppesen also ensures that preferred handlers have the appropriate certifications from national aviation authorities and proper amenities such as fax, telephone lines and Internet; arrangements for handling passengers and crew during poor weather; and provisions for Customs and Immigration clearance.