Groovy Gulfstream I, 40 years young, poised to grab slice of charter market

 - June 2, 2008, 8:31 AM

Paging the Austin Powers party of 11, your private jetprop is ready for boarding… Charter customers will be able to travel in the height of sixties style, and to the tune of a pair of whistling Rolls-Royce Darts burning 1,550 pph on average between them, when this 1969 Gulfstream I enters service soon with Volo Aviation, the operator managing the airplane for its owner (who wishes to remain anonymous but is “a private individual with a passion for aviation”). The airplane recently underwent a four-month redo by Duncan Aviation in Lincoln, Neb., that includes this period interior completion. The exact cost of the airplane as seen here remains under wraps, but Volo did say that the owner is “all in for less than the acquisition cost of a late-model King Air B200, and we can carry more people farther and faster [290 knots at FL250] with stand-up comfort and large-cabin amenities such as a full aft lav, a true galley and a bar.” Volo is offering the aircraft for $3,500 an hour with a fuel surcharge of $500 per hour. The front office, updated once in the 1970s, now has TAWS and the latest mandates but is not RVSM approved. The GI has logged 8,151.6 hours and 7,298 landings, was most recently owned by a charter/management firm in Pennsylvania and is said to have flown Sen. John McCain on his 2000 presidential campaign.