Australian firm gives corporate King Air a utility makeover

 - June 9, 2008, 7:21 AM

Australia’s Hawker Pacific has begun modifications to a Hornbill Skyways Beechcraft King Air B200GT at its Bankstown Airport facility on the outskirts of Sydney. The aircraft is the first B200GT to be delivered to a customer in the Asia Pacific region.

Initially delivered with a corporate interior, the aircraft is undergoing a two-stage modification program to enable it to carry out aerial survey, air ambulance and general charter operations. Kuching-based Hornbill Skyways is one of Malaysia’s largest aviation concerns, operating a range of fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft throughout Sarawak in support of local government and industry.

The modification of the B200GT is an eight-week process, seeing the installation of LifePort medevac equipment, including the passenger loading utility system (Plus), which enables rescue and patient transport missions;  and a Leica precision gyro-stabilized aerial camera system in the aircraft’s belly.

Both modifications integrate into the corporate interior, enabling standard transport missions after removal of the specialized equipment. The aircraft will be delivered to Malaysia at the end of next month.

Hawker Pacific has facilities in Australia, southeast Asia, New Zealand and the Middle East. It has also sold two more B200GTs to corporate operators in the Asia Pacific region, scheduled for delivery later this year.