FAA seeks comments on ETOPS OPSEC

 - June 9, 2008, 6:28 AM

The final rule on extended operations (ETOPS) remains mandatory starting on August 13. The new rule applies to all multiengine turbine aircraft operated under Part 135 when flown more than 180 minutes flying time at one-engine-inoperative cruise speed from airports meeting Part 135 requirements. The rule will limit the one-engine-inoperative cruise speed flight time to 240 minutes from an adequate airport. The FAA is seeking comments from affected Part 135 operators on draft Operations Specifications that it has published. These can be viewed at http://web.nbaa.org/public/ ops/part135/etopsb342.pdf and http://web.nbaa.org/public/ ops/part135/etopsb344.pdf. The general ETOPS provisions address authorized areas of operation, rescinding of the authority to conduct ETOPS if the operator doesn’t make use of its ETOPS authority and flight release requirements.