Factual Report: Offshore helicopter crashed in Gulf

 - June 9, 2008, 9:40 AM

Eurocopter EC 120B, Gulf of Mexico, Feb. 12, 2007–The commercial pilot and a passenger were killed when the ERA Helicopters EC 120 crashed into the Gulf on approach to an offshore oil platform. Reported weather was 10 miles visibility, and the wind was at 20 knots gusting to 25 knots.

Personnel on the platform reported the pilot made a radio call announcing his approach. They stated they heard the helicopter  then felt the platform shake. One person stated the helicopter sounded normal until the platform shook, then the engine noise stopped. They went outside and saw debris in the water and on the north side of the platform. The flare boom at the northwest side was damaged. The helipad is located on the south end of the platform.