Factual Report: Wiring suspected in medical flight

 - June 9, 2008, 9:39 AM

Cessna Citation II, Milwaukee, June 4, 2007–Pilots of the Citation II that crashed into Lake Michigan struggled to keep control of the aircraft as soon as the Marlin Air Citation took off from General Mitchell International Airport. The pilot called, “Why am I fighting the controls here?” and seconds later, he said, “Something is wrong with the trim,” and the airplane “wants to turn hard left.” Then he said, “She’s rolling on me. Help me, help me.” All six people on board were killed when the airplane crashed into Lake Michigan. Investigation revealed that a control-wheel electrical cable had not been replaced, as directed by a 1992 service bulletin from Cessna. NTSB factual documents also list seven instances of reported failure in other aircraft due to the faulty cable.