Younger Beaudoin takes Bombardier reins

 - July 7, 2008, 6:57 AM

Pierre Beaudoin’s reign as Bombardier president and CEO began on June 4. The younger Beaudoin succeeded his father, Laurent–who will remain chairman of the board of directors–as the head of the Canadian transportation giant. An employee of Bombardier for the past 22 years, Pierre Beaudoin in October 2001 was promoted to president and COO of Bombardier Aerospace, responsible for the business and commercial aircraft divisions of the world’s third largest civil aircraft manufacturer. His duties were augmented at the end of 2004 when he received the additional title of executive vice president of Bombardier, moving him into the company’s newly created office of the president. Under the younger Beaudoin’s leadership, the aerospace division amassed a record $24.1 billion backlog, based in part on the conversion of letters of intent for 120 Learjet 85s into firm orders.