Avionics News Update: Icom gains experience with OLEDs

 - July 8, 2008, 7:12 AM

OLED technology has been offered for the last couple of years in the small displays used in some business jet cabin management systems, but now Icom America has added them to its panel-mount VHF radios. The IC-A210 VHF Air Band transceiver includes an OLED display that Icom said is brighter and sharper than comparable LCD screens and which also boasts a much wider viewing angle than conventional displays. The pixels of the organic light-emitting diode display give off light rather than being backlit as is the case with LCDs. Besides looking better, they also require less power than LCDs. Sony recently introduced a color OLED television monitor and laptop screen. Observers predict it will be only a matter of time before OLED technology makes its debut in cabin monitors and cockpit primary and multifunction displays. The main limitation of full color OLEDs is their relatively short lifespan, but developers say they are quickly solving issues related to longevity.