Maintenance News: Midcoast to perform 50DASH4 performance upgrades

 - July 8, 2008, 10:46 AM

Falcon 50 operators will now be able to take their aircraft to Midcoast Aviation, on St. Louis Downtown Airport, for the 50Dash4 performance upgrade. The company has been named an authorized distributor by Premier Aircraft, a joint venture between West Star Aviation and Yankee Pacific Aerospace.

The STC provides for the installation of TFE731-4-1C engines converted by Honeywell from their original TFE731-3/3D configuration. The modification also includes installation of new exhaust nozzles and modifications to the Falcon 50 nacelles and engine instruments.

According to the company, upgrade benefits include higher climb and cruise thrust, lower specific fuel consumption, reduced time to climb, higher initial cruise altitude, greater range, ICAO Chapter 4 noise compliance, extended 2,500/5,000-hour MPI/CZI intervals, special three-year, 1,800-hour engine warranty and reduced MSP rates.