Touching Bases: Pilots get smart about finding fuel savings

 - July 9, 2008, 6:59 AM

In a survey conducted by information provider Conklin & de Decker, operators reported that they save significant amounts on jet fuel by participating in discount fuel programs. The average operator that responded, according to the company, “participates in about four of these programs.” And “nearly two-thirds reported savings in excess of $.50 per gallon.” Of those who responded, 98 percent are concerned about aviation fuel prices, and 40 percent say they are flying at slower and more efficient speeds; 93 percent indicated they have changed operational procedures to save fuel. Techniques include tankering fuel, requesting direct routing and cutting back on hours flown.

The Conklin & de Decker survey asked if people were switching FBOs because of fuel prices, and 76 percent said yes, while 81 percent said that fuel prices are more significant than quality of service and total cost of all services. “This survey shows that operators are being smart about fuel,” Conklin & de Decker concluded. AIN polled readers about how rising fuel prices are affecting them, and the results appear on page 109.