Avionics Update: Dassault evaluating MaxVis enhanced vision concept

 - July 14, 2008, 7:35 AM

An official at Dassault Falcon Jet revealed to AIN last month that the French airframe maker is negotiating with MaxVis of Portland, Ore., to develop an enhanced vision system (EVS) for Falcons equipped with HUD. The infrared package is to be a nose-mounted, uncooled, dual-frequency unit with a ±15-deg forward view matching the standard HUD conformal-viewing angle. Uncooled means that the infrared sensor will not require the special cryogenics devices used in conventional systems, while dual-frequency describes the use of separate long- and shortwave “bands” in the infrared spectrum. The long-wave band provides optimum sensing of terrain features, while the shortwave band reduces the “blooming” effect produced by approach lights and other high-intensity light sources. Roy Elsasser, Falcon Jet director of aircraft specifications and design, said discussions with MaxVis have moved beyond the preliminary stage, but he declined to discuss specifics of any current agreements between the companies.