Accidents: Citation ran out of fuel

 - July 15, 2008, 9:17 AM

CESSNA 551 CITATION II/SP, KINGMAN, ARIZ., JAN. 30, 2002–After notifying ATC of low fuel, the pilot requested a diversion to Kingman, Ariz. but before he could reach his new destination both engines flamed out. The aircraft landed gear up on I-40 about half a mile short of the runway. Investigators from the NTSB told AIN the Citation suffered only minor damage. Deemed an incident due to the lack of damage and no injuries, this mishap falls solely under FAA investigation.

The aircraft was on a flight without passengers from Chandler, Ariz., southeast of Phoenix, to Bullhead International, roughly 100 nm northwest. The Citation is registered to Okay Doke Aviation of Longmont, Colo.