Burnet Interiors: One cabin to go, please

 - July 29, 2008, 7:13 AM

Burnet Interiors of Geneva has a unique approach to aircraft interiors. It doesn’t have a facility for producing interior components, nor does it have a sprawling hangar for installing interiors. What it sells is expertise and manpower. According to owner Franck Burnet, the company initially sends a team of experts to visit the client’s airplane, where they discuss ideas and examine the existing interior. When the designs and cost estimates are approved, Burnet orders the seats, cabinetry, fabrics, leather, carpets and entertainment system from independent vendors. After cutting and assembling as necessary, a team and all the tooling required are then dispatched with the finished components to do the installation at a site of the customer’s choice. The company is capable of refurbishing aircraft from light single-engine turbines to business jets. Last year the company did full refurbishment of seven aircraft interiors and partial refurbishment work on about 400 cabins.