Cessna Sets a Price for SVT in the Skylane: Free

 - July 29, 2008, 11:16 AM

After Diamond Aircraft announced that the synthetic-vision technology (SVT) upgrade for the DA40 piston single would be priced at $9,995, pilots of single-engine Cessna models started asking how much they would pay for the Garmin G1000 enhancement. The surprising answer is zero dollars for a limited time in the 182 Skylane. Despite continued strong demand for Cessna business jets, sales of the company’s single-engine piston airplanes have slowed in the last year. Cessna attributes the fall-off to high avgas prices and the U.S. credit crisis, which it said are putting a squeeze on buyers of light airplanes in the category of the $387,000 Skylane. To help jump-start sales, Cessna last month announced a program that will provide Skylane buyers with up to $15,000 worth of fuel through the end of next year and a free upgrade to SVT. The offer is good through the end of next month.