CIS completion and refurbishment shops

 - July 29, 2008, 7:04 AM

AKKO has been in business more than a decade and is based at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport. The company has performed interior work on more than 150 passenger and business jets, including Aeroflot and the airline’s VIP charter division, Aeroflot-Plus.

InterAMI was founded 13 years ago, but did not begin working on interiors until InterAMI Interior was established in 1999. It has a design house and production site in the Ukranian city of Kharkov. In 2001 it established a small business aircraft division, and among the first customer aircraft were a LET L-410 and a Yak-40. The company says it currently has orders for five L-410 VIP interiors and is currently working on a VIP interior in a Kamov Ka-226 helicopter.

Kvand was established in 1993 as a software and microelectronics company based in Moscow. It created an aircraft interiors business in 1999 and in 2001 opened an office in Minsk, Belarus, where it has a completion and refurbishment facility at Minsk-1 Airport. The company has installed VIP interiors in seven Tu-134s and two Yak-40s. Now undergoing interior work are three Yak-42s and a Yak-40.

Vemnia-Aviaprestige began interior work on high-end automobiles and has been active in the aircraft market for about three years, the Moscow-based company provides turn-key services on VIP and passenger aircraft, including the Ilyushin 86 and 96, Tu-134 and 154M and Yak-40. The company has developed VIP interiors for Myasishchev M-101T turboprop and the Mil-17 helicopter.