Air BP FBO training now online

 - July 30, 2008, 6:29 AM

Fuel provider Air BP is offering an online training program for FBOs in the company’s USGA dealer network. The training was developed by Air BP and Aerostudies of Edmonton, Canada. Courses are designed to train FBO line service and customer service employees, using graphics, real-world scenarios, testimonials and day-to-day situations that they might encounter. Students can download and save reference documents and ask questions of an online “coach.” The Air BP training is currently available only to Air BP-branded fuel dealers, but other FBOs might eventually be able to offer the training to their employees. The training is free for Air BP dealers, and some of the safety-related courses will likely also be free, such as the misfueling prevention module, which is compliant with industry standard API 1597. For more information, see