Employment services face influx of av professionals

 - July 30, 2008, 5:17 AM

Turbulent economic times are challenging for a firm that places pilots, flight department managers, flight attendants, schedulers/dispatchers, maintenance technicians and other aviation professionals. Founded by two pilots in 1983, Jet Professionals Inc. (JPI) is now located at Jet Aviation’s Teterboro, N.J. facility after nearly two decades at its original Shelton, Conn. location. Vice president Linda Herzog, a California native in the human resources field, hosted an open house recently to introduce clients on both sides of the hiring fence to the new offices.

Sampling the hors d’ouveres were a wide selection of independent contract pilots, flight attendants and others who had dropped in to see the new offices. A PowerPoint display on the complexities of insurance coverage made the strong case for becoming an “employee” of Jet Professionals, rather than going it alone as a temporary contract service provider. Chief among the concerns for contract and temporary personnel, according to the presentation, is the need for workman’s compensation insurance. Coverage is all but unaffordable for an individual, said the presentation, but included in the contract when one signs on with JPI.

At the open house, pilots and flight attendants with experience as temporary or contract pilots offered advice to those exploring the job market for the first time. Among their recommendations were to have a current type rating on the resumé and be able to document recent recurrent training. Though an expensive proposition, it’s considered a virtual necessity for employment. One furloughed airline pilot at the open house had received federal grants to acquire his Gulfstream type rating as part
of the airline bailout legislation following 9/11.

Herzog also pointed out that JPI offers permanent employee search and evaluation services for employers looking for someone to fill such a gap, though demand in this area has been slow of late. On the other hand, JPI’s outplacement services have been in somewhat greater demand, especially because of those who have been rendered redundant. Herzog emphasized that it behooves a company to spend a little on outplacement services for employees who must be laid off. Companies that do not treat outgoing employees well are setting themselves up for, at best, bad feelings and, at worst, expensive legal ramifications.

There is no charge to register with JPI, and those looking for temporary or permanent work may visit its Web site (www.jet-professionals.com) for details on the sign-up process.