European Mustang Pilots Start FlightSafety Training

 - July 30, 2008, 6:14 AM

The first batch of Cessna Citation Mustang pilots started initial training last month at FlightSafety’s Farn-borough Learning Center. Once the sessions start in earnest the electric-motion simulator is expected to be in use for up to 20 hours a day to meet demand from European pilots transitioning to the Garmin G1000-equipped compact very light jet.

FlightSafety Citation Mustang program manager Andreas Klein provided a demonstration to AIN in the simulator during the Farnborough airshow, starting with a benign ILS approach to Zurich Airport in daylight and culminating with thunderstorms, display and electrical failures, a wake turbulence encounter and a hair-raising steep nighttime approach to Innsbruck, Austria, in strong turbulence. “I would never recommend really flying this approach at night with passengers on board,” Klein shouted to his student over the whine of the turbofans. “They would all be screaming.”