Final Report: Ice blamed in Flight Options flameout

 - July 30, 2008, 7:24 AM

Hawker Beechcraft Beechjet 400, Jacksonville, Fla., Nov. 28, 2005–Both engines of the Flight Options Beechjet flamed out because high-altitude ice crystals that had accumulated on the P&WC JT15D-5 engines’ compressor vanes were ingested when the pilots pulled back the power levers to descend, according to the NTSB. This caused compressor surges and rapid reduction in fuel flow due to temporary ice blockage of the combustion pressure return line and prevented an in-flight restart. Contributing factors were the lack of training on the hazards of such crystals to gas turbine engines and lack of guidance to the pilots to activate the engine anti-ice system in conditions where the crystals might exist.

With convective storms in the area, the airplane was descending from FL380, having been at FL400 for 30 minutes; it landed safely at Jacksonville International Airport. The two pilots were not injured.
At least four other Beechjets had experienced engine flameouts under similar meteorological conditions.