Fire at Berry Aviation destroys Do328-100

 - July 30, 2008, 7:45 AM

A flash fire in the hangar at Berry Aviation in Austin, Texas, on the morning of June 27 destroyed a 30-passenger Dornier 328-100 turboprop that was undergoing an extensive interior refurbishment. The company is investigating the cause of the sudden fire.

A spokesman for Berry Aviation said the airplane had been stripped of its old interior and a worker was using a variety of chemical products to remove sealants and other materials. James Hobizal, director of safety for Berry, said fans had been placed at both ends of the cabin to provide ventilation.

The worker in the cabin at the time received minor burns and after being taken to the local hospital was back at work the same afternoon.

 “The only things salvageable,” said Hobizal, “were both engines, the propellers, most of the avionics, the landing gear and interior components that had been removed for refurbishment.” He added that there was no fuel on board the airplane at the time of the fire.

There was no damage to other aircraft and pressure washing was expected to eliminate extensive smoke damage to the hangar itself.

The facility was back in operation on June 30.

Berry Aviation is an FBO and aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul and charter service at San Marcos Municipal Airport.