Touching Bases: Business Jet Center doubles ramp space

 - July 30, 2008, 11:02 AM

Business Jet Center (BJC) at Dallas Love Field (DAL) has doubled its ramp space and built a new taxiway to accommodate the growth it has experienced since completing a $15 million rebuilding program three years ago. The leasehold now covers a total of 24 acres on the crowded business aviation hub airport. A Phillips 66 Aviation Performance Center FBO, Business Jet Center claims a 25-percent market share at the airport, where six other FBOs compete for business. General manager Stephanie Jordan said fuel sales have increased 350 percent since the current Business Jet Center management team took over in 1997. With the new ramp space and taxiway, she said, “Now we can go after sports charter 727s or 737s or cargo-carrying 727s and DC-9s.”
Acquiring the extra ramp space involved moving taxiway Delta closer to the runway. Rather than waiting for airport funding, Business Jet Center decided to pay for the taxiway itself. It still took a year-and-a-half to get FAA approval. BJC partner Mike Wright said, “In return for financing the relocation of the 50-year-old taxiway, we wanted to lease back the free-up space from the airport. This might be the only city airport taxiway paid for with private money.” The next project involves building two more hangars–one 30,000 sq ft and the second 40,000 sq ft to accommodate future growth. Wright said those plans would be executed “as soon as demand warrants.”